Leslie Scott​​​​​​​, Facilitator

  Online Store Coordinator for https://aim-nc.com

June 4 to July 9, Tues & Thurs

12:30 to 1:30 PM Eastern Time

Review look and feel of site,  choose products and services to sell online, use our templates for photos and profiles  

Local Microbusinesses

Community Teams

Your economic developer, website builder, community volunteer attend all sessions, decide scope and lead local promotion

Launch your Town's

Buy-Local Store by 7/2

Follow Our Proven Recipe to Drive Revenue to Your Local Retailers, Contractors and Artists

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Step-by-Step Structure, Entrepreneur Surveys & Data, Confidential Beta-Test and July 2nd Launch 

Tailor your web store to your community's budget, consumers, sponsors and the local business owners you want to boost

Local Control & Benefit


Why would you invest a few weeks and $997? 

Maybe your struggling businesses and self-employed people use social media but are not selling much online yet. A Buy-Local web store is a tangible way to help several business owners and local customers at the same time.

Your team and your local businesses make the decisions using our detailed timeline, budget and survey templates, tips and checklists.  

Leslie has a track record of building and beta-testing an online store to help survival entrepreneurs make and sell more.   

The project could be a way to hire a student as your website builder who wants real-life experiences this summer. 

It could also be a unique opportunity for larger businesses to become advertised sponsors of the online store.  You decide.


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