Starts Friday, June 12th

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ten Sessions, Fri & Tue

11 AM to Noon Eastern Time

Zoom videoconference

Leslie Scott is a certified facilitator of the Ice House entrepreneurship program, a hands-on course to develop your business idea.  

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Meet Entrepreneurs who Overcame Extraordinary Challenges​​​​​​​

Research and Test your Ideas to Retool your Business


​​​​​​​Develop and Pitch your Opportunity Canvas to Lenders and Investors


Cultivate the Eight Entrepreneur Mindsets


Through this "Ice House" course, you will...

Retool Your Business with the Entrepreneur's Mindset

Need some inspiration, fun, and deadline pressure 

    to start or pivot your business?


JUNE 12 - JULY 17, 2020

10 Sessions over 5 weeks

Tuesdays and Fridays (skip July 3)

11 AM to  Noon EDT