Entrepreneurial Places


What is an Entrepreneurial Place?  It's a community or workplace that works like entrepreneurs do:  
  • sees opportunity in challenge
  • builds a great team
  • leverages resources and information
  • takes risks based on strengths
  • adapts continuously

Entrepreneurial Places LLC helps cities, counties and regions create the conditions for entrepreneurs to start, thrive and grow. 

We plan and execute local events for entrepreneurs that are magnets for their participation.  We show community leaders what's growing in your local economy. We inventory your resources for various types of entrepreneurs. We build collaborative teams geared toward impact.  We help you design entrepreneurial initiatives tailored to your place and your local government priorities.

We are a partner with Creative EDC in the 2016 relaunch of the Certified Entrepreneurial Community® Program, a 12-month effort to focus your community on the best opportunities to help local entrepreneurs grow. 

Contact us to talk about your place and its potential. 
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